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reverse ssh tunnel nohup ssh -NfR 2222:localhost:22 -p22 expect script   strip command Some useful line editing key bindings provided by the Readline library:

  • Ctrl-A: go to the beginning of line
  • Ctrl-E: go to the end of line
  • Alt-B: skip one word backward
  • Alt-F: skip one word forward
  • Ctrl-U: delete to the beginning of line
  • Ctrl-K: delete to the end of line
  • Alt-D: delete to the end of word   gprof tool

uclibc 无法使用 gprof 进行profile。

uClibc no longer supports 'gcc -fprofile-arcs  -pg' style profiling, which
causes your application to generate a 'gmon.out' file that can then be analyzed
by 'gprof'.  Not only does this require explicit extra support in uClibc, it
requires that you rebuild everything with profiling support.  There is both a
size and performance penalty to profiling your applications this way, as well
as Heisenberg effects, where the act of measuring changes what is measured.

There exist a number of less invasive alternatives that do not require you to
specially instrument your application, and recompile and relink everything.

The OProfile system-wide profiler is an excellent alternative:

Many people have had good results using the combination of Valgrind
to generate profiling information and KCachegrind for analysis:

Prospect is another alternative based on OProfile:

And the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) is also a fine tool:


neon—part-1-load-and-stores libc and ucLibc   libuv [hermit auto=”1″ loop=”0″ unexpand=”1″ fullheight=”0″]netease_songs#:21303927[/hermit]

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