H.264 codec Note

       Elements of a video Sequence

o    Frames

o    Slices

o    MBs (macroblocks)

       Frame Types

o    I-, P-, B-frames

o    GOP (group of picture), specifies the order in which intra– and inter-frames are arranged.

o    NAL (Network Abstraction Layer)

v  SPS (Sequence parameter set)

v  PPS (Picture parameter  set)

v  IDR (Instantaneous Decoder Refresh), every IDR frame is an I-frame, but not vice versa,

       Coding Tools

o    Entropy Coding



o    Integer Transform

v  DCT

o    Quantization

o    Inter-Prediction

o    Intra-Prediction

v  Intra_4x4, Intra_8x8, Intra_16x16

o    Deblocking filter

       Profiles and Levels

o    Baseline Profile (66)

o    Main Profile (77)

o    Extended Profile (88)

o    High Profile (100)






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